Recruitment processes are often overwhelming, with little information or insight provided. We aim to make our process as seamless as possible.

1. Application

Our Recruitment Process varies depending on the role you have applied for, this is to ensure we are able to make an informed hiring decision, whilst being informative so you can make an educated employment decision.

Once you have submitted your CV our Recruitment Team will review your application and previous experience against the purpose of the role.

2. Assessment Steps

If you're successful at this stage, you will progress through the following assessment steps:

  • Phone screen - Our Recruitment Team will give you a call to better understand your skills and experience.
  • Interview - If you have applied for a professional role or site leadership role, we will book an interview, this is an opportunity to meet with our team and discuss your experience in more detail.

After this, there are some additional due diligence steps required to complete the assessment stage, such as Reference Checks.

3. Onboarding

All things being equal with the Assessment Steps, you will receive a link via email to submit all of your relevant qualifications, tickets and license. Depending on the role you may be required to complete a Pre-employment Medical and Drug & Alcohol Screen.

Should you be considered successful, a letter of offer will be issued for your review and acceptance.